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For some reason, I can easily see MAGA hat owners chuckling with each other over this claim while sitting around in the gym. Or while sitting at the table as they clean their rifles and pistols. Or with each other in the Dojo.

Leftists are like Muslims and other psychotics. They depend upon you fearing them more than they fear you.

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we have guns.

if not guns, then knives.

if not knives, then clubs and hefty sticks.

if not hefty sticks, then fists and muscles.

if not fists, then information and communication.


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Actually, that last point is where you're wrong, because they've hands down got us beat there. Almost everyone in information and communication related fields are leftists in ideology and/or psychology. It doesn't create any risk or danger for them to collect and analyze information on what might otherwise be dangerous people and thanks to the mass importation of third world morons in clerical offices you'd be surprised how easily people on the other end of a telephone surrender information when you simply claim to be someone's family member.

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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Hitler rose to power thanks to communists threatening and attacking his supporters.

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And that's exactly why they started calling Trump a Nazi right out of the gate. Anyone that stood up to them would have been called a nazi. They miscalculated on that one though. Since anyone that doesn't agree with them is a Nazi, everyone's a nazi now. And of course the best part is the muslims they scrape and bow to have the inclination to kill all the jews, so that was dumb, but then again, maybe the leftists do want to kill all the jews. As Gorilion says; too stupid to plan it out

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If they were rational, they wouldn't be SJWs and Antifags.
A toddler having a tantrum has no concept of the next minute, let alone tomorrow.
It only knows it is angry now and wants to act out.

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seems like an effective strategy to climb the ladder.

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The American "alt-right" needs to take a lesson from the SVP or Nordic Resistance. Organize, train, and then demolish these communists. If they want violence, give it to them, but give it to them in such a way that they never dare to cross the line again.

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But... the hats are already red...

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Intelligence is not their forte.

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Sounds like a terroristic threat to me. Someone should press charges.

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This goes on all the time and they try and create an atmosphere of fear. They wouldn't be saying shit like this if local cops around the nation weren't told to stand down and the feds would arrest them. Then they put out actors at these events as all the 'tiki torch racists' and there are a handful of useful idiots. If anyone isn't smart enough to realize that the KKK WV probably doesn't shop at Ambercrombie and Fitch and use facial cream everyday to keep their skin soft, I don't what the fuck else to tell them.

I just keep praying for the big war they go on about. I just want to see story after story of them accidentally shooting, running over and blowing each other up. Then I get all giddy thinking about what's going to happen when the whites and Jews go try and team up with the black . That's gonna be hilarious. We can keep wishing...hoping and dreaming I guess.

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Leftists never said WHOSE blood on them hats...bet it's blue.

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Oh those Kid Fucking Faggot Antifa Tranny dudes and their laughable fuckery

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