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They need to be prepping for why ex CEO Eric Schmidt was in North Korea ;)

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https://archive.fo/CFc88 :

Google back in court arguing against a global ‘right to be forgotten’ – TechCrunch

'In May 2016 it ordered the company to make delistings global, and fined it €100,000 for non-compliance. '

'However the case is not supported by EU data protection agencies. '

'That has displeased European data protection agencies — who say Google is flouting the law and EU citizens fundamental rights are not being respected. '

'Individuals denied delisting can appeal to a national data protection agency, and indeed challenge a DPA decision in court — as in this case. '

'But it also complied with the ruling, after a fashion (after all, it is EU law) — applying delistings on local domains but not across Google.com. '

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Because it goes against their CIA charter.

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Mercy for me, while I crucify others.....TYPICAL tactic (and expectation) of the EVIL predator/parasites of the world.

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TIL Google enlisted help from Jimmy Wales (who's friends with Soros).