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Rofl fucking monkeypox. The jokes write themselves

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hahaha They really do!

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What do u get when u flood your country w/ a bunch of 3rd world monkeys?? Knock knock... who's there?... monkey.....monkey who?? monkey pox ;)

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both patients are believed to have recently visited Nigeria.

And later in the same article

The first patient, who is from Nigeria but was staying at a naval base in Cornwall

Fox, y u b lyin?!

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Fail to see how those are opposing statements. It's stupid for both but one does not negate the other.

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It is misleading in that the reader would likely interpret the first statement to mean that the two individuals are citizens who vacationed in Nigeria while the second statement shows that at least the first patient lived in Nigeria while the second one's nation of origin is never explained or even explored in the article.

So instead of the story being about Nigerian nationals bringing in a new pox it is about people vacationing to Nigeria catching a pox from Nigeria. Instead of calls to stop importing the third world it becomes calls to stop vacationing to the third world. Through deception.

It is essentially lying by omission.

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i mean at first i read it as the person was an england native and went there for travel. vacation/buisness/pleasure/doctors without borders/ect. however, now i understand that it was a nigerian. i guess i should of just known nobody wants to go VISIT the jungle of nigeria.

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Play nigger games, win nigger prizes.

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There's a saying, you may be able to take the shit out of the hole, but you can't, you can't take the...If you fill a hole with shit, it's a shit hole.

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Bring the shithole home, get shithole problems.

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I hope they all get the diversity flu (Ebola)

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The Muslim monkeys brought their diseases with them

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Some info on MonkeyPox. It's NOT pretty! http://www.theweek.co.uk/96360/what-is-monkeypox-and-should-you-be-concerned

ps: I predict it will show up in NYC or LA or Miami in a Month. :(

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Maybe Atlanta first, it's the busiest airport in the USA.

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