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oddly enough:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_David_Hotel_bombing Leaks and rumours Shortly after noon Palestine time, the London UPI bureau received a short message stating that 'Jewish terrorists have just blown up the King David Hotel!'. The UPI stringer who had sent it, an Irgun member, had wanted to scoop his colleagues. Not knowing that the operation had been postponed by an hour, he sent the message before the operation had been completed. The bureau chief decided against running the story until more details and further confirmation had been obtained.

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Those pesky mission delays.

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In case that you were wondering. this actually did happen:


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This is the only thing that could be construed as direct evidence of conspiracy.

Except for the fact that 7 came down in free fall due to an office fire. Right.

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Holy crap.

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tried to explain this to some people. their answer was time zone difference. gave up.told them if common sense was dynamite they couldn't blow their own nose. sad we are all surrounded by stupid.

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Until the media is not controlled. We have to live in the voat.

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Traitor Faggots Get Shot In The Face :) Before Being Lit On Fire ;) You'll see ~

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I hate inslee. So so much.

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