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Simple, if there are 2 instances of an SSI number and one is across the country from the one that is originally used and still being used than that person should be hired and an ICE team sent to the employer and let the employer know they are arresting the person for ID theft and the employer is safe since they did try to validate but the employee will be prosecuted their belongings confiscated to pay fines and then deported and put on the black list for immigration. This would speed up the process of catching ID thieves and also when questioned would be required to give the ID of the person that set them up with the SSI number that way taking down the infrastructure and making everyone look for a new asshole to buy their ID's from which might take a while. If they do it this way the confiscated money can be put into the SS account and also all loans can be cancelled and all bills voided for the original person that owned the number legally. This can bring down huge amount of criminals besides the illegals and bring in a ton of confiscated cash to the people whose number is stolen and the government. If the person has been in the country for years then the money put into SS will be given to the legal holder of the number as a bonus and fuck the illegal over the wall you go and if your from overseas just give them a rubber raft and an oar and a bottle of water and a goodbye wave because who gives a fuck if they die just get out now.