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Jews get kicked out because they hate real work and love exploiting the work of others... this only works in large societies where they can hide kinda like a parasite or something.. jews are the ultimate gypsie to a degree they just infect the highest levels of society rather then the lowest like traiditional gypsies.

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I told my old roommate once, who was a Jew, that maybe Jews got kicked out of every country they ever resided in because they are a virus.

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How did he react?

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Hmmm, well he had a Jewish friend with him, who I thought was Jewish, but then the kid said "no I'm Irish" (I didn't believe him). His friend was the one who brought it up. His friend was pretty redpilled on the whole white genocide and third world shit people question. He was pretty familiar with all the conspiracies we talk about. Really hated spics, really wanted a wall. The Donald tier nationalist. He asked a simple question and I gave a simple answer. My roommate, didn't say anything, his eyes just darted to the right (his right).

He never brought it up afterwards and I think he was too drunk to remember. He was pretty pissed off at his friend, who was visiting from out of state, across the country. It had been years since they had spoken, and my Jew roommate was kind of appalled at his friend's newly found racism. I dunno, maybe his friend wasn't a Jew, I will never truly know.

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Are Jews the source? If anything I'd say there are Jews of all types...KNOWN predators....KNOWN parasites...and Menches (KNOWN decent people). I KNOW feminists and niggers and illegal aliens are DEFINATE parasitic sources, but are you claiming they have a puppet master?