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"Both the audience and readers of the newspaper organizing the contest chose a different candidate as favourite, who happened to be the same person. But the contest judges imposed the African as winner".

Sorry, Goy- diversity prevails.

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Her nose is bigger than my face. How can anyone not look at a black person and not think, wow that is one hideously ugly nose you have there. Reminds me of a gorilla, except they are at least in proportion.

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This white supremacist, feel sorry for people of color shit has got to stop. It's the same as feeling sorry for folks with down syndrome. If you have any, even the tiniest bit of respect for someone you would let them get by in their own way. But instead you have to parade them around so everybody can see what a good person you are. And this makes you a bad person. Everyone despises pity.

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Agreed. Nobody enjoys been the butt of someone else's jokes.

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Literally every other girl in those pictures is more attractive than that thing.

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They all got redpilled by this.

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Ugliest woman there, another fucking joke

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All the other girls in the contest looked far prettier than that Negroid creature.

Even black men vastly prefer white women based on many science papers.

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A fucking dude to boot

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agreed, that's a black dude in drag

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So black, woman, and trans... no chance anyone else could have won.

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I thought only American faggots had a hard on to prove they're not racist by only promoting blacks.

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