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It's not supposed to. Minimum wage is for high schoolers and retarded people. If you want more money, make yourself a more valuable asset.


[–] EIMR 50 points 4 points (+54|-50) ago  (edited ago)

Wrong. Minimum wage was created so that workers in industrial revolution factories(or rather sweatshops) had a salary that allowed workers to have a living wage(or rather, wikipedia says "to afford the necessaries of life").

Rather, you believe that there shouldn't be a minimum wage.

EDIT: Also, about making yourself a more valuable asset.

Someone who is working a minimum wage job cannot afford school, or a computer and internet to learn online. Someone working two jobs still can't afford it, and can't go to school/university because they don't have time.
And imagine going to the job interview while poor. You cannot afford a suit, you cannot afford to clean yourself up.
Poor people cannot systematically raise themselves out of poverty.

Also, there must always be someone below. There must always be someone doing worse jobs and earning less. Should those who are below not be able to afford necessities? You cannot apply advice to a singular person as a solution for the whole of society.