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YES, UK tslow it down to a fixed amount not based on EU derived quotas, but still very high to appease EU

UK needs a CLEAN brexit and to take none.

The EU SPECIFICALLY forces UK to take mislim "aylum seekers from Syria region".

In fact, in large amounts.

In 2015 The UK prime minister, David Cameron, announced that Britain would take 20,000 Syrian refugees over the course of this parliament. The refugees will be relocated from the camps on the borders of Syria (FLOWN INTO UK!).

20,000 is in fact HIGHER than the ENTIRE amount of ALL asylum seekers flown into the USA for usa fiscal year 2018.

That is why BREXIT even happened. It happened to stop EU from shoving muslims in from Africa

EU forcing OTHER EU countries EXCEPT UK recently to take 120,000 from greece :


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I asked if the European Research Group have made any statements about reducing Muslim immigration? I suspect they will do absolutely nothing about it.


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Greece refugees are acceptable.