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Trump told Theresa May and the public that paying hundreds of billions to break free was stupid.

Worse, EU wants to even kill off UK by hampering trade with USA directly to UK :



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Great, we have to bail out the Brits yet again. Why can't Britain get its shit together ever since they broke up with US?

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Because they sent their best to America.

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because the rothchilds own the bank of britain and have since napoleon. because they installed a jewish monarchy who has no interest in protecting native brits

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EU was just a massive transfer of public funds into unelected faceless officials hands, that's why all your politicians cut so many shit deals with them, they don't care its not their money, then they get a part of the money funneled back to them through their charity's.

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Whoever shuffles the deck, gets to stack it in their favor.

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I need to get into charities. I’m tired of waking up for work even though my job is awesome

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Tonight The news. 80 MP's arrested under vague racism laws and held in mostly Muslim open population prison. Funeral at 6:00

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Have any of the ERG actually said that they'll even slow down immigration, of Muslims or otherwise, once we leave the EU?

Getting rid of May, the arch-traitor, will help with everything, but I see little reason for any faith in the ERG to address the migration questions. And the EU doesn't force us to take these people anyway. If anything the EU is a cover for our rulers to do what they want and put the blame elsewhere.

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YES, UK tslow it down to a fixed amount not based on EU derived quotas, but still very high to appease EU

UK needs a CLEAN brexit and to take none.

The EU SPECIFICALLY forces UK to take mislim "aylum seekers from Syria region".

In fact, in large amounts.

In 2015 The UK prime minister, David Cameron, announced that Britain would take 20,000 Syrian refugees over the course of this parliament. The refugees will be relocated from the camps on the borders of Syria (FLOWN INTO UK!).

20,000 is in fact HIGHER than the ENTIRE amount of ALL asylum seekers flown into the USA for usa fiscal year 2018.

That is why BREXIT even happened. It happened to stop EU from shoving muslims in from Africa

EU forcing OTHER EU countries EXCEPT UK recently to take 120,000 from greece :


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I asked if the European Research Group have made any statements about reducing Muslim immigration? I suspect they will do absolutely nothing about it.

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Greece refugees are acceptable.

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Most of my friends are serial killers

I'd imagine that would make them prompt about returning borrowed tools and keeping conversation civil.

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Do it Faggots

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Dammit. Does this meanthey aren't going to hang those cunts?

Those judges and professors and reporters will still be in the system. Not to mention the election officials.

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One major problem at a time. In April the EU will no longer be Britain's problem. Mrs May will soon be gone.

Then we can pass anti-Muslim laws. Muslims cannot resist gang raping underage white girls. They are now being caught and tried. The news reports are stirring up anti-Muslim resentment. So are reports of the unBritish behaviour Muslims do during elections.

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Aren't the muslim invaders "MORE BRITISH than BRITS?" after all in germany the politicians claim the muslims WERE MORE GERMAN THAN GERMANS.

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I have not heard that excuse in Britain, possibly because it would not work. A couple of decades ago adverts tried something similar to allow immigration of the Chinese from Hong Kong but the adverts failed.

The decision by Muslims not to integrate into Germany means they do not act like Germans and saying such stupidities makes the politicians look inefficient.


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Was that a jew hate reference?

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