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could you even fill up the classrooms with 300 people?

holy shit, no, no you couldnt. they cant replace their student body anymore


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When wisdom and experience are usurped by stubborness and entitlement, people die. Corporations are people, so to speak


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Corporations are not beholden to the corporation itself because it's founder has usually exited, nor is it beholden too it's workers or it's consumers, but only financially speaking to it's shareholders! The shareholders don't give a single fuck about culture and really never ask questions about diversity in board meetings, there merely care about profit. The staff the corporation hires does influence it's culture that it then tries to enforce and push onto the world, which has an initial good reception amongst leftist because of muh morality spewing and virtue signaling; so many leftist take up the product(s)/service(s), hear about it through their channels because of the power of marketing and branding. However, those on the right silently disagree, until this corporation goes to far with pushing it's policy and the corporation sees an active backlash against it's exportation of culture and it's pushing of political agenda's and suddenly sees share prices crumble, the shareholders react to this news and start shorting the shares, which gradually increases the amounts of shorts causing share price to fall, or they exit the investment all together which creates a major liquidity problem. These corporations can run on a skeletal crew of ussualy white and asian male workers. When they leave it's game over bankruptcy court time or a massive re-organization has to occur where the bulk of the diversity hires are shitcanned and merit based recruiting is re-established.

A smart wealthy person will profit from these events because you can predict what is going to happen.

To summarize; GET WOKE GO BROKE!