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people that hurt/kill/whatever to small children should just be shot/stabbed

you are killing innocence and denying a life to go into something. And they are a waste of a human being for doing so, and deserve ZERO purpose in this world.

I hope that FUCK get repeated beaten in prison for the rest of his life. Because you know that is going to happen....... now im fucking PISSED

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Smith described her three year old as having a bad attitude.

That's the basis of the abuse.

Next one will claim their 3 year old was racist.

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Smith described her 3-year-old son to police as having a bad attitude, and as being disrespectful toward her and Oxford lately,

It's a 3 year old... These people are retarded and sick in the head. A 20 year old with a 40 year old man... wth. I hope they both get the death penalty. Scum of the earth.

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I hope they both get the death penalty.

They better not. I want them to be tortured in prison. Every. Fucking. Day. I want them to live another 40 years reliving what they made a 3 year-old child feel. Let the prisoners beat them within an inch of their lives, fix them up in the infirmary, and let the prisoners do it again. Repeat until they die of natural causes.

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as you say its pure evil,let them rot in hell

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I recently read somewhere a guy in jail had boiling jam thrown in his face. Maybe that sort of treatment may happen to the both of them.

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I know some spots not to far from where they are now. Tie them to a tree, next to an ant hill and forget about them.

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Some children take longer to grow out of "The Terrible Two" stage.

These fucks should never have had children to begin with if they can't realize correcting this behavior is part of parenting.

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Punishment should fit the crime in this case. Dunk him in a 55 gallon barrel of boiling water and toss him in the desert.

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Instead of the desert, how about a very public place with a plaque that reads- "This was child torturer Joshua Oxford, responsible for the torment, torture, and death of a three year old boy. Child predators beware." Let the carrion pick clean the bones of his worthless flesh as a message to all the other psychopathic cowards wishing to cause harm to children.

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Another story about a single mom letting her jackass boyfriend do whatever he wants to her kids because she'd rather let them suffer than be alone.

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Hope they get beaten to death in prison.

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