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The article presumes that illegal aliens are U.S. citizens with no homeland. Whose homeland is being invaded and who is being genocided out of existence??

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Essentially, the article in one sentence is : There is no level of absurd hysteria that we won't go to in our mission to destroy your homeland.

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While we're at it, kick out all dual passport holders.

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This article:

HYSTERICAL BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH "The administration is currently launching an effort to take citizenship from people who they suspect of fraud in obtaining it." NONSENSICAL BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Latinos who tried to obtain fake citizenship by fraud should be deported. All illegals should be deported. There is nothing "nazi" about doing those things and enforcing our laws, none of those things involve killing people, sorry. Keep yammering on liberals about how everything is racist and everyone is a nazi, and just like the boy who cried wolf, most sensible people will stop listening to you.

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Can they have passports?. I got mine a couple of years ago and it was very hard to get.

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Notice how the officials interviewed about advocating these issues ARE ALWAYS LATINOS? TREASON....DEATH TO TRAITORS. You're not hired to represent your race, your hired to represent the NATION'S BEST INTERESTS! It is NOT LATINOS....LOOK at HISTORY. You people are dishonorable vermin garbage.

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As an Australian, I don't even quite understand how someone who isn't even in your country legally can have a passport for it... this is like me going to holiday in japan and deciding to get a japanese passport... like... how even???

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... but we should genocide them to be clear. Leave or die your children have organs we could use ....