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13 years old girl and raped and murdered by an adult muzzie low IQ savage rapist flown in fresh AFTER Jan 2017 by Trudeau after a vocal spat with Trump about "welcoming muslim refugees!"

Really! :


He sure showed that muslim hating racist anti-african-IQ TRUMP! Canada sure showed Trump a lesson!

Take THAT President Trump ! Canada's president literally said :

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength!

Really, look at that NYT article or look up old videos about how he was going to invite all the muslim invaders into canada , so that 12 and 13 year old girls can get raped for being infidels.

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"Diversity is our strength" is a dog whistle for "Jews are the master race, kill the white man"

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Build a northern wall, make Canada pay for it.

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Why hasn't a patriot maple leaf fixed his wagon yet? I bet he has a boatload of skeletons in his many closets.

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LMAO, the first thing Canada says is 'not all muslims'.

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The killing is not "random". Muslim rape and murder of infidels represent acts of Jihad.

What will it take for the simple truth about Islam to make it into the minds and printed stories of the MSM?

A: An entirely different set of editors and journalists than those who have monopolized the narrative for the past 6 or more decades.

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Be it on Trudeau's head. All the murders committed by these illegals are on the heads of those who enabled them to enter Western nations.

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He will be held accountable.. and I'm not talking the ballot box.

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The jury box...or ammo box?

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Interesting ... How are you talking?

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"I would hope that we look at this incident for what it is. It’s a one-off situation."

You may hope that. We know better fuck head.

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It's a one off yet the foo fighters concert on Thursday night in Toronto was surrounded by dump trucks. They took all the large municipal vehicles and lined them up to be a blockade from a ramming attack. Almost seems... part and parcel

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That's fucking unbelievable. Even five years ago I couldn't imagine a scenario like that happening so close to me.

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There's been "increased police presence" including blocked off streets at every single concert and ball game all summer. For no reason whatsoever. The police double speak has been hilarious. "There is nothing to fear. We're just increasing presence so you feel safer."

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I saw Foo in concert on TO island almost 10 yrs ago and it was creepy enough with people being stuck waiting around to ride those shitty little ferries back...they didn't even search ppl

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Funny no one made mention of it as if it's now the thing you do.

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Imagine Trudeau putting his fake eyebrows in a surprised expression.

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Richardson hopes people don’t jump to any false conclusions about refugees, following this arrest. “I would hope that we look at this incident for what it is. It’s a one-off situation.”

Yeah, don't jump to any false conclusions about rapeugees. If Justin had a son…………..

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Concerns about Syrian immigrunts? Nope. Concerned about park safety.

Mt Trudeau should be charged with murder. It is his fault this happened and it will continue. THE JEW AGENDA IS REAL.

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