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Pedophelia and beastiality are the next things the left aims to normalize and legalize.

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Don't forget incest.

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Already done. Look up consanguinity and its effect on the british pakistani community. This is what happens when you allow first cousins to marry.

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Incest (among other things) is being pushed bigly by a few monopolizing pornography companies. Just take a look at any tube site, and it's nothing but little sister this, moms teach that. Just another vector to sway people's opinions on things.

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looks toward the royal family

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sweden yes!!!!

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True. So we need to get out in front of them and normalize Nazis. Then they can normalize anything they want and it won’t matter since it’ll all get purged in the end anyway.

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'Pedosexual' It's fucking discusting

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A pedophile inmate beating nazi's, huh? I went digging a bit, wanted to see if I could find his mugshot. No luck unfortunately. However..


Finally, Plaintiff alleges that Defendants Jordan, House, Dietz, Finley, and Blades violated his Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment when they placed Plaintiff in certain housing units where he was attacked by other inmates.

That sound more like it! Also found this filth indicating the obvious that he's a fictional writer.. No point in reading it, I'm just showing you it's there!


So yeah, there are no "rainbow warriors" in prison. They are getting beat up as they always have. And Vice is still total garbage.

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Good work finding this.

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This is correct.

Nazis wouldn't rape young boys. They are decent and honorable people.

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Considering the reference... is this the excuse ironically used by every israeli criminal?

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So ... they are a gang of psychopaths who not only rape boys, but attack anyone whom they decide to based on their own moral discernment? How righteous.

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I love it. The degenerates are always the loudest opponents of 'nazis', playing right into our hands.

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vice media owned by a Hollyweird Left Commiefornia degenerate Shane Smith and a Canadian Paki islamist Suroosh Alvi...really thats about all you need to know

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NatSocs were some of the most god fearing, law abiding people you could find. This piece of shit would have been locked in jail permanently in their society.

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As the Western world gets further away from our Christian roots, we should not be surprised as this type of Talmudic, degenerate shit becomes "normal".

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