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When you deconstruct the society that has provided you with your safety net what do you have left?

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Exactly what you fled in the first place

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Why was a Paki fleeing Uganda to the UK, instead of home to Pakistan?

Is she using Idi Amin as a whipping boy, when her real villan is Islam?

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War is inevitable. There is no negotiating with these people. It is us or them.

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Bingo. Forced deportations, any resistance should be met with overwhelming deadly force.

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Pajeet cunt = PC

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This is why you keep the sand niggers in their own shit hole countries. They hate civilization and want it destroyed.

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“Be PC. Be Strong.” Bitch if I can tear you down with words so easily just wait until real violence knocks on your door.

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shouldn't this Twitter account be banned for racist hate speech against whites?

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'racist hate speech against whites' is a contradiction in terms to them

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The audacity these people have.

Imagine fleeing a country and being taken up by another one. You are provided everything you need and yet, you do NOTHING but attack your host country whenever they want to preserve their own interests and you then call them racist, if they don't want to be attacked by you.

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We keep allowing it. We keep electing governments who just smile and say 'yep, fine'.

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Do you think you know the extent of evil islam is? Think again: https://voat.co/v/news/2711096/13760924?context=10

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