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Multinationals are afraid of nationalism. Immigration and exploitative trade deals are their bread and butter. When the people rise up and take those away, their profits crumble.

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I'm pretty much have always been foreigner is most of the countries I lived in yet I support nationalism because it's the right thing to do. See, nationalist countries have nothing against skilled law abiding foreigners, they just don't want to import filthy savage shitskinned thirdworlders!

Sorry, only evil and corrupt individuals oppose nationalism. Look, I have been experiencing "nationalist" policies that did not benefit me, ie. rise of property taxes for foreigners, but I still support it because it's the right thing to do. Also I am quite rich already so money is not a problem.

There will always be immigrants who vote right after they get their citizenship, and ones who don't. The only difference is that the first group care about their new country but the other don't give a fuck about it.

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I am an expat and I 100% support healthy love to ones people and country. Sadly I've got a feeling most people on the west tiptoe around that. I defend my host country more than natives do. They are flabbergasted when I voice conservative opinions

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Holy fuck. The idea of your boss dictating your political and personal beliefs is so mind boggling. It should be a capital offense.

The comrades that agree top that are at war on behalf of their employer.

Oh well shit. The picture is all foreign hires. Subsidized by the small businesses that pay all the fucking taxes. As if they'd want Germany to exist.

War war war war.

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This happens in the US too. Oil and gas companies constantly tell you who they want you to vote for. They just put it in the guise of, "you don't have to vote for more fracking... but you should or the company will shut down and you'll be out of a job!!!!!!!" That's just one industry.

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That should be a capital offense. It's one reason 3 rd world countries can't ever stop being 3rd world.

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Siemens: Hate your own country and race so we can profit from your demise

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Of course they did. Goes better for them with weak governments they can just buy off. In the end, they trade your freedom for a few peoples pockets.

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Ah fascism. I’ve often wondered how societies fall into such detrimental regimes. We are witnessing first hand exactly how it comes to be.

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I'm not seeing a lot of Germans in that picture.

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I worked for a company closely related to Siemens. The company has gone to shite.

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Is there anything Siemans makes that I could boycott?

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They make industrial controls and medical equipment. So.. basically boycott 50% of all manufactured goods and refuse any medical procedure with a electronic medical device

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In that case I would die.

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