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close to 20% and that's exit poll in a rigged election for leftists, while the commies, greens and feminists are probably dead, 'pirate party' gone. Centrist party seems dead. Thousands of districts still unreported. Here is something to consider an alliance of Social Democrats, Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti plus Greens plus Lefty Party only gives 40% ....While an alliance of Moderates Moderata samlingspartiet plus Centrist and L Liberalerna and KD Kristdemokraterna only delivers 39% whatever the outcome this will be an unwanted government not voted for or not supported by the majority of people. The single party since 1889 that has ruled Sweden unchallenged since before WW2 has finally been defeated. Although unlikely but if the 'moderates' joined with Swedish Democrats...who the world media call Trump like or Rightwing...joined the Swede Democrats to form an alliance then shit really hits the fan. Also getting exposure were possible real Alt-Rights Neo-Nazis Ultra Nationalists though groups like Alternative for Sweden and NRM or NMR Nordiska motståndsrörelsen...for an extreme left open borders nation Sweden is now shifting right and it is shifting fast

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=H1l4bKSRp_8 :

Swedish election results slightly disappointing. SD in a close 3rd - YouTube

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