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And sucking off a baby's cock after birth hasn't been counted yet?

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Jews Rape Kids

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Hey, fellow white person, you shouldn't say things like that.

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Sex abuse is everywhere even in our schools its awful

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Busting a nut is one of the primary driving forces behind all of civilization. It’s a trick to get you to have kids. Then your kids murder you when they find out about the life insurance policy. All the money in the world couldn’t make those two boys happy. Both seperated from their wives soon after. John blew his head off in a gas station bathroom after his daughter died in a car accident, she was hit by a drunk driver. Her name was Mandy she was a pregnant teenager because John like to rape her. Her dead baby fetus still haunts that intersection to this day. They say when you get close you can hear the mumbling of an inbred retard baby hungry for mommas titty milk.

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Exactly this.

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10/10 post

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What did the jewish child molester say? "Hey kid, want to buy some candy?"

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Drives around in a van with "AFFORDABLE CANDY" written on the side.

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I did not come here expecting to laugh.

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Synagogue of Satan

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What if the Synagogue of Satan wrote the Bible?

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They didn’t write it, they just created a literal interpretation on Earth. That’s why the Greeks created the New Testament; to point out that God’s Word is spiritual, and pertains to our thoughts and behaviors. It is not a literal history like the Jews would have you believe. Jesus had to spend his entire journey “breaking the law” according to Jews; while showcasing that all he did was in accordance with the will of our Father in heaven. Man says it’s a sin, Jesus showed it isn’t, and cited scripture to back it up.

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Bibles belong in the fiction section of book stores.

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The Protestant churches will be the worst offenders if ever investigated. The problem is with the decentralized nature of Protestant churches, it never becomes an international scandal, just one guy doing something bad which barely makes local news if anything at all.

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any sources to back this up?

some protestant churches allow heterosexual relationships ofthe clergy.

I'm sure there is bad shit going on in some...

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Just search "pastor molesting", you'll get many news story hits. Again, none of them will ever be a national scandal because A) the Protestant churches are not a threat to the NWO like a non-infiltrated Church would be and B) the mainline denominations are all dead or dying and there is no hierarchy to attack.

Also, the abuse scandal has nothing to do with clerical celibacy (see the John Jay report) and everything to do with allowing known sodomites into the priesthood starting in the 1950s which was compounded by the Sexual Revolution, to which the Catholic Church was not immune.

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Reminds me of that Duggar kid who molested his sisters and the family tried to sweep it under the rug

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The thing is that it's a societal problem brought about by the Sexual Revolution.

You can't open the can of "free sex with anyone" and then act surprised when people pay no attention to the arbitrary age limit imposed by the government... especially when having sex with a sexually mature 15 year old carries the same penalty as having sex with a 7 year old.

It's almost as if limiting sexual relations to one man and one woman bound together in a lifetime covenantal bond were good for society as a whole.

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Tomorrows news: Rabbi commits suicide by shooting himself twice.

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Cult of Saturn. Child abuse and sacrifice pleases Moloch.

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public schools too

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