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When people say China is no longer communist, I'm going to show them this.


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I mean, define communism. Not in a "no true communism tried ever" way, but there's certainly no collective ownership of the means of production in China. Nor is it a classless society with no private enterprise. There's billionaires. In what way other than human rights abuses (which are common to, but not exclusive to reds), does China look communist?


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They're not not communist on purpose. It's mostly a display showing that a country can try so hard to become communist but can't hack it in the face of better systems, and if it hadn't been for dealing with the US they probably would have just stayed in their shithole that was less developed than Africa. The economic dealing with the US allowed them to simultaneously fail at communism and recover into a hybrid capitalist system... give me a break.

The way to phrase what you're saying makes it sound like they consciously chose to be not communist and opt for the very calculated capitalist system even in the midst of all the corruption that has never not existed in shithole china, and china has always been a shithole.


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Socialism, communism, fascism, and nazism are all based on collectivism. The differences between them are superficial. They all tend toward totalitarian government and dictatorship. China today is a collectivist dictatorship like Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea or Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. True communism with no state and no money is primitive. It's not possible to implement full communism and keep a modern technologically advanced economy in operation. Is China communist? They're run by the Chinese Communist Party that directly owns 30% of the economy but still indirectly controls 100%. The CCP can and does seize control of any private company that goes against CCP directives. The CCP still maintains control through the laogai system of political prison work camps. Chinese police can arrest anyone and imprison them indefinitely in a laogai camp where they will be worked, beaten, starved, tortured, or reeducated at the whim of the CCP. Tens of millions of Chinese have died in these camps since the 1950s. Large numbers of undesirable people still disappear in the laogai system every year. Are they communist? I'd say yes but they're just transitioning to a more fascist version of collectivism and really a worse one.