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Corrupt ass Chinese government gives huge bribes to ANC leaders.

Politicians are bad. African politicians are the absolute worst.

I've been to a half dozen African countries in my life ... political corruption was beyond rampant. It's out in the open and they don't even pretend to be ashamed about it.

About the only 'good' (stable / only slightly corrupt) gov't in Africa was Lybia ... but the French and Americans took care of that problem.

For this reason alone, I have little hope for Africa's future.

True story: When I was much younger, I once saw the president (i.e. dictator) of an African country play football (soccer) on the 'national team'. He was fat / slow / just terrible. The team would pass the ball to him / he would try to dribble a bit and pass it back. The apposing team would never get closer than 3-4 meters to him. No one dared take the ball from him (even though a child could have done so.) Just the farce of it all. That the president didn't have any shame in what he was doing, and that no-one had the stones to say "dude - don't do this - you look like an idiot" ... just sad.


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Some humans are just pathetically mentally weak. I'm not perfect, nobody is, but I take pride in being able to handle anything I learn about, no matter how horrific, without letting it destroy me or my world view. Some people just can't handle a paradigm shift.


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After Goldman Sachs, of course.