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Can't we say both?

Eh, there are always mass starvations in mostly huwhite socialist/communist countries too.

Niggers might be especially dumb pawns, but socialism/communism is a common thread that also always leads to trouble.


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Didn't I basically say it was both? What is it about brown people that makes them think communism can work? Do they look at whites and say to themselves "Let's steal their shit, that will make everything better!"


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Pre-white African societies were hunter gatherer societies. They did not have long term food storage facilities like refrigeration and insect proof (metal) containers. Sub Saharan Africa is mostly equatorial so their culture never needed to force them to produce sufficient food to last the winter, they could even hunt in the dry season. Three months therefore counts as long term thinking.

Communism is basically looting with a cover story. By looting white farms, shops and warehouses blacks can probably live for 4 months - which exceeds their planning horizon.