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perfect time for china to buy up, all part of the plan from the looks of it.

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  1. Take farms with huge mineral deposits under them from whites because "blacks need to be supplying the food"
  2. Rule Chinese people in your country count as black.
  3. Give farms taken from whites to these black Chinese people, or more likely give it to Bantus who will sell it to them.
  4. The black Chinese people start up mining operations with the help of some "relatives back home".
  5. These companies export shit tons of cheap resources to China.
  6. Corrupt ass Chinese government gives huge bribes to ANC leaders.

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Corrupt ass Chinese government gives huge bribes to ANC leaders.

Politicians are bad. African politicians are the absolute worst.

I've been to a half dozen African countries in my life ... political corruption was beyond rampant. It's out in the open and they don't even pretend to be ashamed about it.

About the only 'good' (stable / only slightly corrupt) gov't in Africa was Lybia ... but the French and Americans took care of that problem.

For this reason alone, I have little hope for Africa's future.

True story: When I was much younger, I once saw the president (i.e. dictator) of an African country play football (soccer) on the 'national team'. He was fat / slow / just terrible. The team would pass the ball to him / he would try to dribble a bit and pass it back. The apposing team would never get closer than 3-4 meters to him. No one dared take the ball from him (even though a child could have done so.) Just the farce of it all. That the president didn't have any shame in what he was doing, and that no-one had the stones to say "dude - don't do this - you look like an idiot" ... just sad.

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Spot on analysis

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Don't forget the Chinese pollute SA so badly they can't grow their own food their till they conduct a multibillion dollar cleanup and that is like 100 billion plus if they pollute there like they did their own country.

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.7. Natives suffer because no farms that grow food.

I'm not seeing the downsides.

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I funking hate communists so much.

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When people say China is no longer communist, I'm going to show them this.

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You're blaming a system, but what you don't like is corruption and politics.

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Until the locals starve to death. USA will have to send more relief

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Fuck no. Feeding the wildlife is why we are here. Let Darwin take it's course. Unless, mud huts for you, mud huts for everyone!

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That whale on the Cosmo cover on the image ate all of the food, sorry.

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Not if Trumps in charge, he'll just say "I told you so and you ignored me so I'm ignoring you"

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Yup, and they already got US in 2008

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LOL, due to "communism." Yeah their policies are rather communistic, but let's be honest, it's due to nigger stupidity.

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Sure, but blacks didn't create the Kalergi Plan being instituted there.

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The kikes might be joyfully rubbing their hands together due to this news, I was under the impression that the kikes were not involved in SA. I'm probably wrong, they seem to be involved in everything that goes wrong in the world especially when it goes wrong for whites.

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The Chinese, the Jews of Asia, are probably pulling some strings on this one.

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That's possible, even Venezuela had a decent run, socialism crashing is inevitable but Venezuela managed to stretch it out a bit

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Can't we say both?

Eh, there are always mass starvations in mostly huwhite socialist/communist countries too.

Niggers might be especially dumb pawns, but socialism/communism is a common thread that also always leads to trouble.

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Didn't I basically say it was both? What is it about brown people that makes them think communism can work? Do they look at whites and say to themselves "Let's steal their shit, that will make everything better!"

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China builds a soccer stadium in an area in Africa the dindus hand it over. They aren't stealing shit. We should have done that but we're pussys. Gibs and takes me dat

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It is not that prices have dropped, it is that bids DO NOT EXIST.

It was not China that indoctrinated the locals into Communism either, it was the British and certain Israelis.

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Must be referred to more often.

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i feel bad for farmers, niggers can go back to the jungle and eat shit

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This is what happens when the government centralizes their control of land and sells it to people who don't know what the hell they are doing. It drives down the future price of land, which in a way allows the government to consolidate control over the Real Estate industry through the banks and to basically Eminent Domain.

Yep, South Africa wants everything to return to the common ownership of the Kraal system, with the kleptocrats running the country having full control over property. South Africa is going to fall flat on its face.

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I bet the Chinese start new diamond mines and the SA government will probably let the old ones go into disrepair because Africans can't seem to maintain their infrastructure or companies properly to keep the money rolling in.

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Nothing will work in South-Africa. It will fall flat on its face, even with Chinese assistance(I think the Chinese are hoping to get rich and then runaway and let South-Africa collapse and the corporate sector will probably lose its punch and it will be like a limp body hanging over a tree.

Zimbabwe did not collapse because it has DeBeers and as bad as Robert Mugabe was he was more capable than Mandela and the people that ran South-Africa after Apartheid. South-Africa would collapse and return to the jungle even if it had DeBeers working with it. Its that incompetent and it epitomizes the maximum level of Negro stupidity in Africa.

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