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She's a man baby! The only sexism is allowing this man to beat up on poor defenseless white women (or Asian) for all of these years. If you look closely you can see her/his dick hanging out of that dress. She's a manshele Obama.

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Don't let her opponent's name fool you, it was another chimp she was playing against

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Oh she's a Ticoon Woods. Thanks for the correction.

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Did you ever see that clip of the Williams "sisters" as teenagers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dg0Q8ZLCDE looks like a couple of dudes to me

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lol.. she's always dodging drug tests also.. wonder why?

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Cause they racist, cracker. Melanin be testing out like steroids and shit.

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sexism? wasn't her opponent ALSO female?

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Yes. This shows you how deranged she is. This is what happens when you drink too much "progressive" Kool-aid.

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Apparently she was smart enough to realize that playing the race card wouldn't work against a black opponent but she wasn't smart enough to realize that playing the sexism card wouldn't work against a female opponent.

This is the black intellect working at full capacity. Not surprising that in 2018 most of Africa is still waiting to get toilets and running water.

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Her opponent was also black, or I guess she would have played the race card.

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Its not Serena vs her opponent.

She was saying that in men's matches they often say much worse.

On one hand, she was chimping out and being a retard. On the other, she wasn't cursing off and saying anything too terrible.

She should have just stopped digging herself in a hole but didn't.

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All of this stemmed from something her coach admitted he was doing, coaching her during the match. After she got called out and penalized for it she smashed her racket and got penalty number two, and then called him a thief which got her penalty three and automatic loss.

So to summarize:

1 - Dindu nuffin

2 - Chimp out

3 - Shit talk

Classic case of typical nigger behavior.

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niggers gonna nig

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“I didn’t get coaching,” Williams said multiple times. “I don’t cheat! I didn’t get coaching. How can you say that? You owe me an apology. I have never cheated in my life!”

lol. Steroids don't count!

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And her coach admits he was coaching her, but he pulled the "everyone else does it" line.

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“I have always said it. … Not to allow the players to express their feelings is stupid, I mean it’s not a big deal breaking racquets.”

He even thinks that acting feral is acceptable, screw decorum & professionalism. Athletes should be free to act emotionally and without restraint according to him.

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the eternal dindu

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She's a Doper, the 'Roids are rotting her brain. If she was honest she could have retired like her big sister but she is as corrupt as her gangster husband from reddit. She already had a bad attitude with sport but the steroids also give her an even more beastly attitude. Remember all those Russians banned from the Olympics? and other athletes from other nations and other sports bannings??? Well it turns out most nations have cheats in sports including the United States, and Tennis Serena Williams, she got exposed in a wiki leaks published hack of her using banned drugs, she is a disgrace and brings shame on the USA. Her muscles are bigger than Mike Tysons, she recovers from life changing injury by seemingly 'miracle' it would seem back and healed up from career ending injury in 1-2 days like I dunno say Wolverine or Cheerleader Claire Bennet from the tv show Heroes or some super powered character from a video game....destroy your career with an injury don't worry some magic juice will have you recovered in no time. Serena the Penis Williams was asked why she had required the backdated 'TUE', which was revealed as part of a cache of a hacker group, Williams almost went HULK SMASH! and shouted “Can you talk louder,” she told the questioner, as part of an acerbic exchange, “so everyone can hear you ask about my drugs?” Williams Serena may be a doper addict, a “regular user” of banned drugs, the story tells that it was multiple times an athlete (he or she confess) and every time politics comes in ...Dindu Nuffins....no one actually did nothing - it only means what?

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She's a Doper, the 'Roids are rotting her brain.

To be fair,she didn't start with much of brain to begin with.

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Nobody ever said that gorilla had a brain in the first place.

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but the nike ad told me she was the greatest athlete of all time.

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The Jew that runs NIKE likes negros that beat whites.

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She (he?) is so ugly. I can't even stand to watch the match.

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