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"Fellow female"

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I started frothing and worked myself into a frenzy, ready to make that exact comment.

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Mentally ill perverted sexual deviants aren't to be expected to follow any semblance of rule of law? Shocking!

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The Britbongs should share this vibrancy with their peace-loving middle eastern friends.

There's nothing that can't be improved with cultural enrichment.

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I am 100% sure that guy grew up with 2 parents and was never abused.

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Should read, "David Thompson pretending to be Karen White charged with raping a woman, sexually assaulted four fellow prisoners days after being remanded to an all-female jail"

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Does it still have a dick or did zer attempt to rub its Front hole against theirs?

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the article mentioned it still has its dick.

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If you were about to be sent to prison, as a dude, it would be pretty smart to just say "I identify as a woman" in one of these areas that does this shit. At least you'd be the strongest person there and no chance of getting ass raped.

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I am not sure about strongest peson, have you seen some of th dyke sheboons in prison.

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Almost all men are stronger than almost all women. There’s a tiny bit of overlap between the right side of the women’s bell curve and the left side of the mens’, but not much. A few months in the yard would fix it up quick for anyone but the noodliest soyboy.

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Same chance of getting shanked, though. Which needs to happen, obviously.

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Trans is a disease.

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As is contemporary Britain.

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