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Chinese State TV just bough 20% stake in South Africa’s largest newspaper. I wonder who is supporting this white genocide and land reclamation...


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Whites couldn't hold onto it, so Asians are going to capitalize on white's losses due to Jewish propaganda by filling the vacuum themselves. Funny thing is, these niggers are well aware of the Chinese record on human rights - and yet they bought both the Jewish & Chinese propaganda that the Chinese want brotherhood and will right the abuses of whites. In reality of course, when these Bantu niggers decide they're going to chimp out on the Chinese, the chinks will exterminate their asses - then they'll realize the mistakes they made chasing whites out of Africa.

The Chinese may finally come up with an answer to the NQ.


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You fucking idiot. Chinks are going to find an answer to the WQ too. Fuck off you commie apologist shill.