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Why don't all the anti-American fuckers leave America instead of making America worse? They could be making another country worse instead.

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If they remain an "America Corp" they are protected by the most powerful nation on earth

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I was talking about anti-American Americans in general not the latest batch of assclowns.

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In the middle east they would be happy.

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They love gays and degenerates there.

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Nike isn't really an American company. They siphon resources from America while denigrating it.

They've been given sweet-heart deals because of politics and your tax money goes to them whether you want or not. It's another reason to get rid of the IRS. No one should be forced to pay for their enemy to assault them.

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With 44 upvotes already. Totally organic I'm sure.

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Voat is 100% organic, there's definitely no vote farming and manipulating going on, not because Voat has some built in protection that would stop that kind of thing. Us voaters are simply a cut above the rest and we can spot it when we see it.

There's definitely no paid shills on Voat, we've caught them all and they've given up.

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Really quite bored with this shit now.

Fuck Nike. Fuck Kaepernick. Fuck repetitive threads.

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if nike is so ashamed of the USA maybe they should stop selling their goods here and sacrifice everything

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When the colleges are getting it then we know that things have really gotten bad, but it also proves that at least before children hit adulthood they are still good-natured in many ways.

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Nike is going down. Well in the US anyway. I wonder how the rest of the world will react? Telling about who our friends are I guess.

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lol college from nowheresville missouri throws away uniforms for attention, news at 11. wake me up when MIZZOU does this

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In the meantime, the more the N----- brand name keeps being mentioned, the higher the brand name recognition, and the more valuable it will be ... excellent viral marketing.

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