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Go greased lightning you’re coasting up the boulevard

Greased lightning!

Go greased lightning!

Go greased lightning you’re going to jail now retard

Keep talking

Boy keep talking

You got a felony oh crap

No way you beat this rap

Greased lightning!

Ya ya, ya ya, ya ya....ya

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LMAO!! (check out near the end of the vid, pic of their car, grease splattered all over the hood and driver's side! Also if you look carefully you can see the Sheboon Manager of the Franchise inside, yapping away and glaring at the news camera thru the window)

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Any spook with an IQ over 85 is not allowed to work at Checkers. How stupid can these fatasses be? Just give her the fucking food and move on.

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A valid point indeed, however you should examine the rest of the equation at play here. Places like Checkers, Sonic Burger, Church's Chicken, Little Caesars, Hardees, Jack-In-The-Box, Crown Fried Chicken, Popeye's and a few others are 100% target marketed to the Negro Demographic. Virtually all of their Franchise location are located inside or just on the perimeter of where Blacks live. (it's no accident many are within walking distance of a Bus or similar Mass Transit stop or station) All this said these places will attract those with an 85-Point IQ or lower as and by deliberate design. Grease, Salt, Fat, Sweet and Fried. These are the hallmarks of the A-A diet because it appeals to their natural genetic predispositions and psychological profile, and along with that goes their innate predisposition(s) to become anti-social or engage in spontaneous aggressive behaviors when things either don't go right with the food prep, takes too long, the wrong financial data has been transacted or they perceive an injustice has been forwarded. The result in a mini- chimp-out just like the one noted in the news report. They do happen as video proof is quite common of their monkeyshines. So to answer your question 'get the food and move on' (?) The odds are usually 50/50 it will degenerate into an example of TNB. Put simply; "The coonass bastards and sheboons just cant help themselves. It's hard-wired into their DNA" - Hope this scholarly explanation enlightens the readers! Have fun and avoid-the-groid.

ps: Some stellar example of kneegroid public dining habits: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHNN7J891MEODDNp6mAyng