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Apple Mac OS X is far more "free" and less obnoxious than windows 10, but it is true that you can avoid using bootcamp and on certain UEFI macs you can partition the gpt then boot a windows 10 installer without bootcamp :

but bootcamp has some useful drivers on it for all the hardware drivers needed for a macs goodies, but oyu can extract the driver from bootcamp manually


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Talking of abusive OS, why not try Linux ?

You could go with Linux Mint or (withouth systemd spyware) go with Devuan ascii

If you complain and do nothing you are like those woman that complain about abusive hausband and do nothing about it.

If you like to be abused ... at least stop acomplaining about it


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I see Linux as my escape hatch—for the day when Apple gets in my face with their politics, or their products decay to the level of Microsoft. I'd probably try installing Linux on an old mac if I had a larger desk.

(also i'm lazy)