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I like Apple's hardware and software (typing this on an imac), but I hate their goddamn politics.

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Get a high end HP and install a good Linux. It will cost less and HP has metal unibody laptops with QHD displays. Dell might even be the better choice since they actually sell laptops with preinstalled Ubuntu. Macs are running a shittier version of BSD.

Here is your Dell. You can get an 8GB RAM one for about $400 less and upgrade the ram yourself I can imagine.

Doesn't look like HP has any preloaded with Ubuntu anymore but most of their laptops are hardware compatible from what I can tell.

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I got a Windows 10 Pro DVD, and just hit the 'c' key on power up and fucking installed Windows 10 on my Mac. Not that bootcamp shit, 100% straight Windows 10. Fuck Apple.

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Apple Mac OS X is far more "free" and less obnoxious than windows 10, but it is true that you can avoid using bootcamp and on certain UEFI macs you can partition the gpt then boot a windows 10 installer without bootcamp :

but bootcamp has some useful drivers on it for all the hardware drivers needed for a macs goodies, but oyu can extract the driver from bootcamp manually