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SCOTUS will rule on this starting this year according to the news.

Countless parties wanted to force apple to get rid of its 30% monopoly on app store and app store CONTENT including NetFlix and thousands of other comanies.

Allowing multiple app stores can be forced onto Apple and this single action was the final straw.

It is indeed the straw that broke the camel's back.

If this is true and apple is banning political speech now from inside a web stream on a app that is forced to stream that way for battery life and background audio (which works well currently), then Apple finally now needs to spend millions and millions in court fighting its app store monopoly STARTING NOW.

I am sure plenty of lawsuits were waiting for an event like this on US soil and have their cases half started.

SCOTUS, (The Supreme Court of the United States) is ALREADY working on a ruling on THIS VERY ISSU?E and has accepted it for the next session in October when The new trump appointee joimns the supreme court.

The Supreme Court will Hear an iOS App Store antitrust lawsuit :

Thee court will hear arguments within a nine-month window that starts in October 2018.

In summary though I have lots of Apple stock this moment because of its low P/E and new phones next week.... APPLE IS FUCKED when the supreme court destroys the gatekeeper and lets anyone write apps for iPhones.

All because Apple went full Soy Boy libtard.

This was the last straw.


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So then a store can’t decide what to host and what not to host?

Is Dick’s being sued for not selling AR rifles in their stores?


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The apple app store is the only means through which developers can install an app on an Iphone. The app store enforces some rules, mostly related to standards of quality, stability and integration within the apple ecosystem. I disagree with them regulating apps based on moral or social standards.

Imagine if github started banning the repositories of a user because that user said distasteful things on national television.


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No. It's about the fact you have no options to install or distribute anything on iPhone besides the app store or buying a developer license and building one yourself. That's monopolistic. Android you can install apps obtained outside the Play store so Google isn't doing the same thing. Microsoft wasn't doing the same thing as Apple either on their phones.