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This is in large part due to pressure from CNN. Jones went on a rant about one of their reporters a couple days ago, which is also what got him banned from twitter.

I think CNN and others are blackmailing these companies to kick jones off their platforms.

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I think the reason CNN is against AJ is because AJ is beating them in ratings.

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Most of what Alex Jones says is true, and people are listening to him, as they should. That scares the (((people))) who until now thought they had a lock on your brains.

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Pressure from CNN...lol. CNN has worse ratings than the History Channel. This is just a coordinated attack against the independent news media by the kikes.

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SCOTUS will rule on this starting this year according to the news.

Countless parties wanted to force apple to get rid of its 30% monopoly on app store and app store CONTENT including NetFlix and thousands of other comanies.

Allowing multiple app stores can be forced onto Apple and this single action was the final straw.

It is indeed the straw that broke the camel's back.

If this is true and apple is banning political speech now from inside a web stream on a app that is forced to stream that way for battery life and background audio (which works well currently), then Apple finally now needs to spend millions and millions in court fighting its app store monopoly STARTING NOW.

I am sure plenty of lawsuits were waiting for an event like this on US soil and have their cases half started.

SCOTUS, (The Supreme Court of the United States) is ALREADY working on a ruling on THIS VERY ISSU?E and has accepted it for the next session in October when The new trump appointee joimns the supreme court.

The Supreme Court will Hear an iOS App Store antitrust lawsuit :


Thee court will hear arguments within a nine-month window that starts in October 2018.

In summary though I have lots of Apple stock this moment because of its low P/E and new phones next week.... APPLE IS FUCKED when the supreme court destroys the gatekeeper and lets anyone write apps for iPhones.

All because Apple went full Soy Boy libtard.

This was the last straw.

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The nature boy knows. Do you goyim?

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As Paul Watson said, "But there's no conspiracy against conservatives, is there?"

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Fuck Apple - they haven't done anything since Jobs died. Remember what happened to Apple the last time they didn't have Steve Jobs?

Not a single new breakthrough product since his death. Now they are just committing suicide.

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Since his death?

Apple is an assembler that wants to pretend its an innovator, it always has ever since the Woz left them in the 80s. They've been suing every single one of their "partners" ever since. It was part of the reason Jobs was fired, he would buy something from a manufacturer then sue if the manufacturer sold it or anything remotely similar to anyone else.

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Making fun of CNN is hate speech!

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Oh dont forget the best part : "hate speech is ILLEGAL... because..... because it IS!"

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I like Apple's hardware and software (typing this on an imac), but I hate their goddamn politics.

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Get a high end HP and install a good Linux. It will cost less and HP has metal unibody laptops with QHD displays. Dell might even be the better choice since they actually sell laptops with preinstalled Ubuntu. Macs are running a shittier version of BSD.

Here is your Dell. You can get an 8GB RAM one for about $400 less and upgrade the ram yourself I can imagine.

Doesn't look like HP has any preloaded with Ubuntu anymore but most of their laptops are hardware compatible from what I can tell.

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I got a Windows 10 Pro DVD, and just hit the 'c' key on power up and fucking installed Windows 10 on my Mac. Not that bootcamp shit, 100% straight Windows 10. Fuck Apple.

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Apple Mac OS X is far more "free" and less obnoxious than windows 10, but it is true that you can avoid using bootcamp and on certain UEFI macs you can partition the gpt then boot a windows 10 installer without bootcamp :


but bootcamp has some useful drivers on it for all the hardware drivers needed for a macs goodies, but oyu can extract the driver from bootcamp manually

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So I returned my new mac pro and bought a used mid 2015.

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