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Yeah I remember us all bullying niggers into dropping computer science courses, or from choosing that major. Niggers are TOTALLY terrified of computer nerds. EVERYBODY knows that.

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Race is FAR more than skin color, obviously that's an (incorrect) ASSUMPTION of all stupid people. I graded assignments (lower level classes) in undergrad, NO blacks where I was, but some people (women) didn't even know enough (or care) to get their input for output. SIMPLE shit like that! ASTOUNDING.

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I knew skme black guys in college, they were very nerdy and polite. Into anime and were able to code well.

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But when 80-90% of the NBA is black, you white mothafuckas suck at basketball.

And that's after they hounded teams for years to hire more non-whites.

Imagine them saying, "we gotta get more white boys to play basketball, they're underrepresented!". lol

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Well I thought that the big argument always was "we need the team (business, whatever) to represent the community as it is in real life. The US is 76% white. Why is that not represented in the NBA? I certainly don't hear fraud race-baiter Al Sharpton screaming that the NBA does not represent the population of the US.

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They're fighting "oppression". Whites are not kept out of sports because of oppression. They say blacks are kept out of [you name it] because of oppression.

I am inclined to call bullshit for many reasons, but in the interest of honesty there is some truth to it. The welfare state does perpetuate a form of oppression, and so does media promotion of stupid lifestyles and thinking, as just two examples. Problem is, the true oppressive forces are welcomed and defended by most blacks.

Tl;dr: it's like children who don't know what's good for them.

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Also IT is the motor of almost all contemporary information processing, creation, invention and science. And NBA is throwing a ball into a hoop.

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Dats racist, homie

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'blacks, who are “among the top owners of mobile devices,” are “not being considered when it’s time for social media and technology companies to hire.” '

Dey gots de sail foams!

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Haha. "Among the top owners of mobile devices," What the fuck does that even mean? Are they trying to say white people don't have cell phones?

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Because they can send tweets and look at porn on a device they obviously understand IT.

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Maybe that they spend the largest percentage of their income on mobile devices

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They'd be texting too if they could spell

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Just like girls represent 50% of the gaming market.

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IT is already cutthroat as shit, full of SJWs, soyboys, socially awkward betas, and a whole slew of other defective personalities. The last thing we need is to throw niggers into the mix.

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Not exactly. All the old-timers are based as fuck. Developers are more often than not leftists, but I work with a day-of-the-rope developer and I'm in IT as well. Don't assume that everyone who works in the field is a silicon-valley cuck.

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Yeah everytime I see a nigger walking out of a Pearson Vue test center after taking Sec+ I take them out back and stab them 60 times. That might be it.

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Well waht ever you do is working.

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Oh yes, haha fixed

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Seriously this link. Checking your browser. Fuck off and die.

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That was the norm on Voat years ago, back in the Checking your bits, baaaa days.

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Whites should collectively respond with"Dindu nuffin!" In the nigtard mind that phrase exonerates all blame, both imagined and real.

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That dude looks like an actual rat faced le 56% goblin

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