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How is a 24-hour shift legal anywhere in the world? You'd think the quality of work would decline so much past the 12-hour mark that it wouldn't be worth it.

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The medical community as a whole is a shit show. Proof? The number 3 leading cause of death is hospitals.

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The U.S. military recognized this problem long ago. They made it so that soldiers who do anything that leads to friendly losses after 14 hours of work, without an 8 hour break in between, aren't held accountable for their actions. Instead the officers, not NCOs, above them get to carry all of the blame.

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I work 14 hours regularly with a few 16s mixed in every week. At the end of the week you could really be dragging ass if you dont use your off time wisely, but the quality of work doesn't drop that badly. Considering after 12 hours is 2x pay and after 14 is 3x (depending where you live) they won't pay that if quality is going to drop severely

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I was about to say "I guess I underestimate people", but this comment thread is on a post about a baby who got decapitated, so maybe I'm not underestimating everyone.