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But I don’t care anymore what anyone thinks. When one person is persecuted or abused, and there is something I can do about it, especially if that person is my gay or trans brother or sister, it is my problem.

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Dennis Mintun, 56, is incarcerated at the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Boise, Idaho, where he is serving a 45-year sentence for three counts of sexual abuse of a child under 16.

Dennis Mintun, champion of truth and justice and protecting innocence whenever he's not too busy raping a child.

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I'm sure this will just go smoothly for him. No way would a handful of queers publicly embarrassing the Aryan Brotherhood (or any real gang) have any repercussions. Sounds like another dead "chomo" is about to be found in Idaho.

Fucking dumbass...

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I didn't see the pro antifa part... But still. What the actual fuck. What sort of sick degenerate fucks would publish an article written by a child rapist..........

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The type of (((people))) that support that shit.

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Fighting Nazis = Antifa

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No mention of AntiFa. Just normalizing faggotry

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"fighting neo-nazis" is an antifa meme

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I read this article several times and saw zero mention of antifa. What gives?

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antifa = gay prison gang

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Simultaneously promoting and normalizing homo sex and "the sad stories of what poor child molesters go through in prison." What a disgrace.

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  • promoting communist terrorism

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I like how he says Peter wasn't convicted of a crime. They probably wouldn't follow through with a case if he was dead, so the lack of a conviction means nothing.

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“Vice” everyone at vice needs to take the light yourself on fire challenge.

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