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56k might seem on the small side to Americans but remember, Canada has 1/10th the population. That's like the US losing over half a million jobs in one month.

It's a shitty deal. Now they gotta boot that curly haired soy-faced faggot out of office and get some real leadership sitting on the Canadian throne.

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Can't happen soon enough, at least half of Canadians wish he would be the first PM to catch a case of sudden ballistic lead poisoning.

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I'm just waiting for a mentally ill person to shoot & kill that entire family line, then claim some faggot kinda immunity because they are Tranny or something

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who would have guessed that trying to renegotiate NAFTA while insisting that feminist principles are followed could spectacularly backfire and fuck the whole nation?

I could have. I could have.

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Hurray! They fucked with trump , begged low IQ illegal aliens to invade canada, censored holocaust fact speech, and tried to negotiate in bad faith for new NAFTA, tried to force usa to give carbon credit magic trillions to africa, etc.

Canada is doomed, their currency vs the USD is next.

Its a socialist hell hole.

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Well, Just remember which socialist hell hole had the USA's back on 911 and a thousand time before that. We are people, good, bad, beautiful and ugly just like you, we bleed, feel and love the same as our former brothers and sisters to the south.
I guess we will have to reevaluate who our friends are, perhaps we need to leave NATO and look to our other trading partners for military cooperation. Maybe its time to rethink our position and stance on Russia. It makes sense on a functional level for Canada to create a transpolar mutual military protection zone. Honestly, I'm at a loss to what the USA is thinking its accomplishing, but Canada will do what Canada has to do, we are tough and durable people. you have to be to survive here and the USA will not break us. We may have to eat bark (and we have in the past) but will still be Canadians to the end.

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Canada has always made the most profit by DEFYING the usa and trading with enemies of USA, such as CUBA. Canada supports brutal dictatorships INCLUDING cuba for decades, and the USA NEVER openly supports brutal dictatorships.