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Good espresso makers aren't even that expensive, anymore. De'Longhi/Gaggia/Breville have been making some serious inroads in to the affordable markets. One bag of beans lasts me months of serious (borderline addict-like) amounts of cups. I could do the math, by weighing a double-shot's worth of grinds, but don't care that much. But it probably works out to something like $0.05 per cup. Of actual high-quality beans; not whatever discount, last-pick garbage tar that Starcucks hawks.

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Why do you say 5 cents and others says 50 cents?

Why espresso over coffee?

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I buy the huge sacks of coffee beans, in bulk, and keep portions vacuum sealed so they stay fresh; grind them as needed. It's really just preference. You get, like, more of a caffeine hit from a quick double-shot of espresso, as you would wolfing down a full cup of coffee. I just prefer drinking less liquid— three or four shots of espresso have way more caffeine than a cup of coffee and is, like, a third of the volume.

The most important thing is getting good quality beans, using them up quickly and/or storing them properly. Try different brands, 'till you find one you like. Absolutely stay away from shit swill-tier brands like Maxwell House or Folgers. It's only ever-so-slightly better than the crap they use at Starbucks. I find that Italian companies don't fuck around, and usually have the absolute best tasting stuff.

Even the more expensive brands, in smaller quantities, aren't that bad. I used to buy those Lavazza brand pre-ground vacuum-packed bricks that go for ~$5. It's legitimately the best pre-ground coffee that I've ever tasted. Would get something like, oh I dunno: 20 - 30 espresso shots, out of that? Works out to ~$0.16 per serving. Depending on the brand name, and the objective quality of the product: the prices will vary greatly.

There's a type of coffee that's processed by having Asian palm civets eat it, shit it out, and then harvested— which is apparently insanely expensive and sought after. The deeper you get in to the world of coffee, the weirder and more complicated shit (heh) gets. I got sucked in, hard. However, I've never touched anything that's been near an animal's digestive tract. :p