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In the USA a store can kick out and ban people for a large list of reasons but must state the reason idf the person is a PROTECTED CLASS, and a protected class includes only these things nationwide at federal law level for 2018 include :

Religion or creed.  
National origin or ancestry.  
Physical or mental disability.  
Veteran status.  
Genetic information.  

Regrettably Political Party affiliation is not one yet, but experts think "tranny" or "homo" will be the next to add to the ever growing FEDERAL list, not "Political Party affiliation"

If they wore those shirt to merely bait starbucks and filmed it, they can make astounding amounts of money in a civil rights lawsuit.

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You realize they put that in place to allow anti-white policies. These laws are not there to be applied equally.

Brainwashing must have worked really well on you to believe that claptrap

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At least when lunch counters said no blacks allowed it wasn't because they thought they should control every thought in their customers heads. They just didn't want blacks.

Now night clubs ban gangsters, and that means no blacks or persians in practical terms