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What if you're a nigger that identifies as an ex-muslim with no T-shirt? Will they let you shower there?

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Let me call my rabbi

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Let me know. See you at the synagogue.

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Oy vey, he's out-jewing us.

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Just make your own fucking coffee. Then you can purify gay from the water, make it to your taste, and make it cheaper. And save you time from having to go to the fucking coffee shop in the morning.

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Just make your own fucking coffee.

This. Why the fuck do people spend so much money on a cup of coffee with sugar dumped in? You can buy a pound of coffee for the price of one starcucks drink.

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Because it's the best cup of burned battery acid that money can buy.

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It baffles me. I drink 4-5 cups a day. It costs me ~$0.50/day

What's that cost at starfags?

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Good espresso makers aren't even that expensive, anymore. De'Longhi/Gaggia/Breville have been making some serious inroads in to the affordable markets. One bag of beans lasts me months of serious (borderline addict-like) amounts of cups. I could do the math, by weighing a double-shot's worth of grinds, but don't care that much. But it probably works out to something like $0.05 per cup. Of actual high-quality beans; not whatever discount, last-pick garbage tar that Starcucks hawks.

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What if I told you that Starbucks doesn't even sell coffee? What if I told you that it is literally caffeinated water with coffee flavoring added? Would you be pissed that you dumped a sawbuck on coffee-flavored water & non-dairy creamer with artificial flavors?

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Then you can purify gay from the water

People go to Starbucks because they add extra gay

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And piss from the homeless

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I guess I just didn't realize how lazy people truly are. It takes 30 seconds to set mine up for the next morning. Has a timer that kicks on 20 minutes before I get up

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I bet if they were ex- Christians the place would have slow clapped it out and given them the whole store.

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Time for another diversity training.

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No need , they are EX-muslims. It is OK to discriminate just like they were white.

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Good thing they quit the race of islam, so now this is not racist.

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If Sean King & Rachel Dolenza can quit their race, so can the ex-Muslims.

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In the USA a store can kick out and ban people for a large list of reasons but must state the reason idf the person is a PROTECTED CLASS, and a protected class includes only these things nationwide at federal law level for 2018 include :

Religion or creed.  
National origin or ancestry.  
Physical or mental disability.  
Veteran status.  
Genetic information.  

Regrettably Political Party affiliation is not one yet, but experts think "tranny" or "homo" will be the next to add to the ever growing FEDERAL list, not "Political Party affiliation"

If they wore those shirt to merely bait starbucks and filmed it, they can make astounding amounts of money in a civil rights lawsuit.

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You realize they put that in place to allow anti-white policies. These laws are not there to be applied equally.

Brainwashing must have worked really well on you to believe that claptrap

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At least when lunch counters said no blacks allowed it wasn't because they thought they should control every thought in their customers heads. They just didn't want blacks.

Now night clubs ban gangsters, and that means no blacks or persians in practical terms

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place pig fat on all supermarket halal horseshit meals... for the lols

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Should have said they were homeless Ex-muslims that identify as being a person of color.

Take that starbucks

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