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Parents of the kids displaced by Marxist racism should get together and coordinate their efforts to get as many of those kids homeschooled as possible. Not all parents may be able to do it, but seriously, start your own schools, it's coming to that.

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Co-op schooling is becoming commonplace within the homeschooling world. However, NYC is increasingly becoming hostile to any form of homeschooling. More than likely parents of homeschoolers will have to leave to be free enough to enjoy the benefits of an educational lifestyle hated by the socialist governing regimes in NYC.

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Preccisely this; leave that swirling vortex of third world turds, and take your hard-working tax-paying White culture with you.

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How do they complete the indoctrination process if the kids are homeschooled?

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Imagine in a few decades, all public schools have about no whites, because they are all being home schooled and are doing MUCH better then the public school students, when it comes to state exams and such.

I'm curious if those insane liberals would try to force a law that would force anyone that is home schooling, to accept minority kids into their private home homeschooling sessions.... lol

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Of course they would. That's not any more ridiculous than what's already happening. My father had a knife held to his throat by a nigger the very first day of integration, when the federal government decided that you didn't have enough niggers so they bussed them in from a hundred miles away.

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I'm curious if those insane liberals would try to force a law that would force anyone that is home schooling, to accept minority kids into their private home homeschooling sessions.... lol

They'd just ban homeschooling or try to regulate it out of existence, like they already do in some states.

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To add to your point, voucher systems need to be implemented where 100% of the funds that would have gone to the public school follow the kid. Competition in the school industry is desperately needed. Yeah, I know niggers would take advantage of this and not teach their kids a god damn thing and just collect the check, but it's not like their offspring are capable of learning anything valuable to begin with.

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It would be a way to keep them out of schools, thereby enhancing the experience for the rest.

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It is NYC, the white parents ARE the Marxist racists. They are upset that the government isn’t giving preference for their kids education in the best schools in the city over the poor misguided minorities.

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You clearly do not know NYC. The white families who send their kids to public school are by and large conservative. The marxists you refer to are either minorities, white millenials with no children (the majority of them not native to nyc; the city is a magnet for young libs around the world), or white limosine liberals who send their kids to private school. There is still a white middle class bedrock in NY, granted many have been pushed out to long island or NJ, or left the region entirely. NY also has a much higher white immigrant population compared to anywhere else in the US, and they are predominately conservative.

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Those arw the (((white))) parents

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This doesn't make any sense. All the kids are guaranteed a seat at the public school. That is how it works.

This is fake news.

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They aren't being denied they are being bussed to shiitier schools while the brown kids are bussed to the good schools.

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So they are spreading around the white kids to hide the fact that school performance is directly proportional to the ethnic makeup of the school. This is not new; all the school districts do this. And it is not, as the title claims, a denial of access to public schools.

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Not true, there are school districts in Texas that only allow Pre-K enrollment for free if English is your second language or you are "poor." Other wise you have to pay for Pre-K.

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Pre-K is daycare not school.

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Do they get their taxes back in the form of vouchers so they can pay for private school?


OK, stop laughing.

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Crappy clickbait title. White children still will get access to public schools - what they're actually doing is to enforce racial quotas so that individual schools in predominantly white NYC areas will get more Diversity(tm).

You can argue for or against that, but the headline still is bullshit.

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This article pertains to Pre-K only, misleading headline.

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i would not send my kids to hang out with human shaped gorillas ..... pay for private school

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Allowing anyone to escape government schools is the opposite of hatred. This might be the first real sign of "white priviledge".

Separation of school & state! If they think they're holding whites back this way, they're in for a surprise! Next thing you know they'll disallow whites "welfare", and white people will decide to colonize the system.

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This is only the beginning...

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