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"college President Jerry C. Davis said in a statement."

I didn't have to use the ((())). That feels good.

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Between Reebok screwing the pooch so badly with UFC apparel and this you would think they were TRYING to sink these "too big to fail" brands. I don't follow football (or any gay ass pro sports other than MMA because I am an adult with shit to do) so I didn't know until recently that Kapernic isn't really a going concern in football for the last couple of year

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to be fair mma took a hard down turn shortly after ufc 100

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It really did...I think the ownership at the time was really concerned with building up the perceived value of the brand for the purpose of selling high. To be fair it made breathing room for orgs like Bellator and Rizin which seem to offer a product more interesting to "hardcore" fans where as UFC is interested most in "casual" eyes now

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The Midwest has some decent to alright schools, but the great thing about them is that they tend to be very socially and culturally conservative. They will not allow this kind of filth to represent or be symbolic of their school system.

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This has been a good result of the BS at Mizzou. School has been on a long downhill slide, in MANY ways, since I went there decades ago. Smaller colleges instate are seeing a big increase in enrollment. Columbia, MO has also become a traffic, black crime hellhole, the most expensive place to live in the state. Smaller college in smaller towns are safer with fewer distractions.

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Mizzou is a real good school, because it has a Southern spin and the Southern schools are the best, with Northeastern Schools being very overrated, which has had to do with the SJWs movement and affirmative action(Ivy League Schools used to be the creme of the crop) and of course the big schools on the Left Coast(except for maybe Stanford and then even I do not know), because of radical liberalism and feminism(most expressly made clear with the case of U.C. Berkeley).

College campuses can be more socially and culturally conservative than the secondary levels of school. Yeah, the small college is where it is at, but the quality of education can be suspect at times. I think I would recommend people going to a school like Stanford or even a Duke/Wake Forest.

If you are smart enough and believe in the right stuff you can make it through any kind of liberal environment and in some cases these professors will not let their political beliefs get in the way, but its certainly not always true for even the ones who you would expect would not be overtly so given their field of speciality.

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“If Nike is ashamed of America, we are ashamed of them.” Well said.

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Watch others follow suit. Good. Nike torpedoes itself, and they deserve it.

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Nation over Niggers.

Nige. Just Dindu It.

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good one

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Just didn't do it.

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