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Ignore this and get back to filing your taxes, sorting your recycling, and watching sportsball.

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Don't forget your soma!

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They should be shot.

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Look at how they're all wearing pretty consistent camo, etc. It's like someone's running an organized operation south of the border, sending them over. Each one I can imagine a few days from now going into government offices learning the paperwork to file to start milking us for free food and benefits.

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Came here to say this. That's not a hodgepodge of home made cammo. Most of that looked like Multi-Cam, which is the real deal, top of the line shit and doubles the price of anything it's printed on. This is a (modestly funded) military invasion - guns and equipment to be acquired once across the border.

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Next time a lefty defends this and says you'd do the same thing if you were in their shoes, ask them what the illegal would do if the positions were reversed and you had to work in his country.

It's happening and mexys aren't too friendly to their own illegal invaders

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Border security should become national security matter, this is a fucking invasion and should be dealt as such, with a trespassers will be shot survivors will be shot again type of policy, you just don't, either you go through the checkpoint and enter legally, or you don't

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25 minutes of the online game that could be: "Control the Turret: Mexico invasion". Unfortunately the game has a rather poor cameras and a lack of turrets.

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Army invasion.

Good news they will burn the lefts cities first. They will find rural America harder to destroy.

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Target rich environment

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