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That's probably a good rule of thumb. However sometimes the shills cause people who usually have respectable dialogue to revert to vulgarity. In v/greatawakening today I witnessed this and I begin to wonder who's shilling who or who to believe. Upvotes don't always indicate a non shill. I guess all you can do is read and make your own decisions.

Also, let me just say that it's awesome that you come on here and respond to people! I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to keep this place afloat. Nothing could make me feel more at home than having a nice chat with the man that runs the house. Seriously, THANK YOU!

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Yeah is hard to tell sometimes but I always view those who use tact in their communications as the ones who truly value free speech. They respect it enough to not abuse it.

And I appreciate the kind words. Thank you!