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Never used Twitter. Fuck those guys. Vote with your presence.

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Vote with Benzine.

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I can't tell if Jones is controlled opposition so I can't really understand what is happening. The principles are easy. The details are mind bending. Who does he really work for?

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Well, I've said this a half dozen times but I guess I'll say it again to someone new.

Imagine you are the Cabal the rules the world. The people need to be controlled, so give them Fox News and CNN. 85% of people are content to pick a side and feel self righteous about the choice and mock the ignorance of the other side.

But 15% of people don't buy it. They need to be controlled too, so what do you do?

You give them the truth. Well, you give them a portion of the truth. And you deliver to them via a big personality who uses these partial truths to lead you to false conclusions.

Enter Alex Jones.

Do you really think he'd have been allowed to get as big as he has if he wasn't controlled? If he was the real thing, he'd have been quietly removed long before he was a household name. He'd either have had a heart attack or they would have found child pornography on his computer.

So what is Alex Jones job? It's twofold. First, HE does the investigation and reports HIS conclusions. Secondly, he adopts a personality just crazy enough to immediately discredit himself to the 85%, but not so bad that the 15% become skeptical.

Here's an example. Do you remember the "It's Okay to be White" campaign? Little harmless flyers were posted everywhere with that benign statement. The Left freaked the fuck out about it. Do you remember? And what did Alex Jones do? He pounced on it immediately and started merchandising shit that said, "It's Okay to be White, It's Okay to be Black, It's Okay to be Brown; it's GREAT to bring human."

So what did he accomplish by doing this? Easy. He took something that was meant to raise awareness to the global anti-white pogrom and he reframed it to make it appear that all races are equal.

Or how about the way he freaks out about "Radical Islamic Terrorists"? Be honest with yourself. Do you really think Arabs would be any less savage and stupid if you somehow erased Islam from their minds? No. Their religion is shit tier but their incompatibility with Western nations is much deeper than that. It's racial.

But Jones is a Civic Nationalist. And he convinces others to become Civic Nationalists as well. Civic Nationalism is right wing virtue signaling designed to get you to cheerfully embrace the white genocide happening worldwide. Ayy.

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If that is the case, why hasn't this site been removed?

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Do you really think he'd have been allowed to get as big as he has if he wasn't controlled?

This makes no sense. David Duke is alive .... Is he controlled op? by your statement he is. Add any big name or popular person who fights for the truth. They are alive so this means they are controlled? Bullshit. Logically it means everyone who is alive and tells the truth and is popular is controlled op.

Jones built his empire from scratch starting as a free cable news channel. He got popular. Got put on the radio. He called stations all around the country and got more syndication's. He bought shortwave radio and delivered his message there. He made many movies over 20 years. He sold products online and made money. he got a bigger audience. He used money he got from being in a couple hollywood movies to grow bigger. He eventually started selling the vitamins and things on infowars health and built a new studio with better graphics and hd videos and streaming... what he has today.

He isn't controlled op. That's a bullshit lie the FBI agents that infiltrated the groups that want to divide the people that could help to bring down the shadow government. There is your controlled op by the people who always do the ops. The shadow government.

Just because he doesn't believe in the conspiracy that you believe in doesn't mean he is controlled op. It is stupid to think everyone will believe in the things you believe in.

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On a similar note, interesting how Voat eats up Patrick Little with his "Jews rape kids" signs.

The most anti-Semitic people and slogans are almost definitely planted to create sympathy for the Zionist and Jewish causes.

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They’re testing the ground waters for restricting free speech.

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They’re testing the ground waters for restricting free speech.

someone is thinking here.i believe this to be case too

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Duh...that's why Alex Jones sells water filters

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Channers found out that he works for the Bronfmans so, yes, that would make him controlled opposition. Which means that the cabal is destroying its own assets through its loyalty tests.

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Could be setting up the groundwork for a legal challenge. A bit of theater to boost AJ's street cred as a "dangerous voice".

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Jones is not controlled op. The people that started that lie were undercover FBI working inside of different organizations. They want to keep people from listening to Jones and they want to divide the masses. FBI has agents in militias, KKK and other organizations. They are the controlled op. Remember everything they accuse other of is what they are actually doing. You can see this with everything Hillary, FBI, DOJ, liberals, in general, do.

Jones shows the truth about the FBI, the deep state and the shadow government. They want to shut him down. This is just one of those attempts to silence him by spreading false info about him being "controlled op".

It was Jones that showed the main stream media was controlled op by the deep state. He wasn't the first to say it but he has a lot of listeners. They used this to turn it on him against the organizations that would otherwise be extremely helpful fighting the shadow government.

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You would expect all of that whether he was controlled op or if he was a legit journalist though.

His coverage of the generals taking over his presidency with Roger stone, and his coverage of qanon through corsi both really bothered me. And now both of them are involved with Mueller. And why does he have to be so over the top? He had to argue in court that it's an act. He could be mossad.

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Cool, as far as I'm concerned they're 230 protections are gone and they need to be treated like a publisher. That means if Podesta the molesta organizes a child rape and murder party using encoded images via their service they need to be held accountable as an accessory. It also means they need to be held liable for any child porn hosted on their service, regardless of how brief it was.

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They allow public direct calls for violence by non-whites, communists, and muslims on their platform. There are many examples of them not removing such things. They should be prosecuted for that first. It should be a lot easier than for private communication or stuff they do remove.

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This after $$$Marco Rubio$$$ threatens to kill AJ and $$$Jack Dorsey$$$ tries to say heeb dinduu nothang? Something fucky is a fuck and it fucks.

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It sucks that these things are happening, yeah. But I have difficulty getting worked up about it because Twitter was always worthless, vapid nonsense, and I never used it.

Sites like Twitter are the most elastic of elastic services. They are wholly and completely unnecessary.

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I'm really sick of this being made out to be a "free speech" issue. I have a little analogy for this: You (Alex Jones) are standing in a massive crowd (the internet/its users), and you want to get a message to them. However, the crowd is just too big, you can only address a couple people at a time and it's too loud.

But then you spot me, standing near the center of the crowd, and my truck is parked right in the center (Twitter/YouTube/any online "platform). You approach me, and politely ask to stand on top of my vehicle so you can address the crowd. We agree on a deal that will make us both a little bit of money if you wear a shirt with ads on it when you step up there, so I let you get onto the truck and say your shit.

You are able to reach the entire crowd from up there- people are listening to you. I don't fully agree with what you're saying, but I respectfully allow you to continue. Suddenly, you turn into a raving maniac. You say "The guy who let me stand on his truck is an asshole, and HE'S COMING FOR YOUR FREE SPEECH!! The frogs are gay! This guy's truck is satanic!!"

I'm like "Woah, guy, ease up there, you're on my truck and you're stomping around, damaging the roof (the platform's reputation); could you knock that off? Stop talking shit, please?" You reply "NOOOO! SEE?! HE WANTS ME TO STOP INSULTING HIM, HE'S A TYRANT, HANG HIM BEFORE HE FALSE FLAGS US!!"

Finally, I have enough. I grab you by the ankles and yank you off of my vehicle, and shove you back into the crowd. Did I just violate your 1st Amendment right? Or did I decide that I don't want you on my property using my vehicle to spew insults about me and say shit I generally disagree with?

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Absurd analogy. Social Media is not a truck in the public square, it is the public square. It's civic infrastructure. Infowars is a shop near the freeway and they closed the exit.

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Alex Jones was around before Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter... His mistake was letting himself become dependent on them. His fans were already wary of Facebook and twitter, and all the bans have done is caused millions of people to seek alternative platforms. Whatever your feelings about Jones and InfoWars, this is the BEST possible thing that could have happened. The big tech platforms have developed a god complex, and they think they can manipulate and crap all over their users with no repercussions. When INFOWARS migrates to other social media platforms, those websites will become instant contenders against the Big Tech trust. This will then help give exposure to other alternative journalists who are less compromised and less of a liability in the struggle to wake up people hostile to the premise. The narcissists at the major media and tech firms are too convinced that they are in total control that the don't realize that they've just done their competitors a huge favor.

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The way people are making this out to be about "free speech" is annoying.

Alex Jones has been on record for years now saying "Facebook/Twitter/social media in general are coming for the conservatives! They're scummy people, they hate us and they hate you!" Knowing everything we know, he still fucking worked for them. He put all of his eggs into a jew's basket, and that jew never liked him- and now he's somehow surprised that the jew swiped a few eggs and dumped the rest onto the concrete?

Could this not be seen coming miles away? Why is everyone so desperate to force these retarded social media outlets to allow them on?

The way this is all playing out calls to mind the image of a battered wife. Jones (the wife) has been abused and mistreated by her husband (social media sites) for years upon years. Jones KNOWS that they are just looking for an opportunity to fuck him up. But he stays with them. And then he acts surprised when the fucked up company he's working for/with, whom he already knows to be fucked up, does something fucked up?

This is ridiculous.

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I realize November is coming and they are scared, but they are also sort of highlighting how much of a monopoly they are and how much reaching a certain level reinforces a monopoly.

I really think Trump part 2 is going to be swinging a big banhammer on some of these guys and it wont be the kind regulation that further cements them in place that that want. It will be act right or terminal.

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Wtf? They could have indicated at least one tweet which was hate speech. Clarity was supposedly the intention of twitter explaining their actions but they didn't even post the evidence!

Am I missing something here?

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The reason for them being so Kafkaesque is twofold:

  • If they poin't out a specific violation of the law or their ToS, they make it easier for Alex Jones to appeal this in court.

  • It's sending a message to other users and have them self-censor. This works way more effective if those users don't exactly know where the line is and what they can and can't say.

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