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The healthier shit doesn't advertise. Soon you'll realize you've stopped eating crap and you feel much better

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You've never heard of the cauliflower marketing board? :P

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It is starting to get troublesome to actually remember all the companies. It may be easier to make a list of good companies. Don’t forget Springfield Arms and Rock River Arms pushing anti 2a legislation in Illinois. Also Smith and Wesson and Ruger in the 90s. The gun companies definitely stick with me. I will never buy a fucking thing from any of them.

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Do yourself a favour and get a safe load of reliable, American made Henry's. They are a great customer service company and make fantastic guns

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Bottled water is probably one of the last things you should have been buying anyway. The one step beyond that is canned air like Spaceballs.

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That's a really positive perspective here. I shall adopt that perspective as my own. Thanks!

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PSSSSST if they don't know/pretend it doesn't exist, more will run into the trap.

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The faggots there want to suck muslims dicks after they been in their wifes ass

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It's fucking water. It doesn't need any graphics on it depicting faggotry.

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as if water isn't.

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It's WOKE water now

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Waldo can't have a day off with his blind brother? /s

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How about the Mark of the Beast in the logo, disguised as the Alps.

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Damn! Cannot unsee...

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Evian spelled backwards is.... Naive, faggots need to spend their money somewhere ....naive faggots lmao

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I thought this image was going to be of a mirror reflecting the bottle showing just that.

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Its what I think every time I see a bottle of Evian. Just like the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo. (between the E and x)

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The 2020 bottle will be them getting thrown off of rooftops.

<3 Paris

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Fresh Natural Spring Water Infused With Estrogen & Soy

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People who spend that much money on bottled water are truly backward; that is probably why the company name was printed backwards.

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