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The left was given a narrative created by (((them))).

They want people thinking there are nazi's out to murder jews hiding under every rock because at the end of the day, Jews are responsible for over 95% of world problems and every time someone comes to this realisation, they want a lefty to be there attacking them for their "anti-semitic" views.

Statements like "make america great again" are considered "nazi slang" because it has the same patriotic tone as Hitler and the NSDAP's view of the "3rd Reich"

The First reich being the Holy Roman Empire (862 - 1806) and the 2nd reich was the German Empire (1871 - 1918)

Hitler and the 3rd reich were making Germany great again and the international Jews couldn't have that.

Same thing is happening in America except Trump is a fauxHitler. He's enough for the left to see him as "literally hitler" (the fictional one who was hell bent on conquering the world) and he's enough for the right to ignore his Zionist, Jewish connections as they believe that he has Americas best interests at heart.


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so you would rather Hillary have won? she wanted a war with russia


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a) Not what i'm saying but I would have preferred Rand Paul over anyone.

b) Hillary winning may have actually caused a civil war/revolution in which the corrupt would have been purged from all high offices. Instead Trump promised to lock her up and have her investigated if he became president to restore a notion of justice to the system. He is a tool being used to delay and mitigate any reactions from the right.

I mean, it's now been almost 2 years and the border wall hasn't begun construction yet? Nothing came of Podesta and Co.

Places like Dearborn Michigan infested with Muslims who are also training in combat on American soil e.t.c.