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A common tactic would be to use language associated with another/others to throw the scent so to speak. I think this practically proves that it isn't Pence or his office, but rather someone looking to sow division and make Pence a suspect to both the public and President Trump.

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It could be. It's such an archaic word that almost no one uses it apart from merchant marines who once navigated by the stars and people who do business with Lodestar trucking.

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… or someone who notices, "Jeez Mike pence uses that word a lot..." I wouldn't be surprised in an environment like that if anyone ever jokingly mimicked Pence, like you sometimes do to a co-worker, if their speech as Pence became peppered with "lodestar" to the delight of the audience present. I think this is someone in the intelligence community, perhaps a liaison to the WH from DIA or NSA, CIA etc.

But hey, you might be right and it is him, and he is just really stupid, but I doubt it personally.

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I was just lamenting how there was no entertaining shows to watch anymore. Grabbing popcorn for this one. Sadly though, the plot is a little predictable and I think I already know how it ends.

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We are supposed to believe that anyone in Trump Admin, let alone MP, would actually trust NYT to not release their identity?!

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"Lodestar" was also the name of a trucking company that moved freight along the interstates. Considering that Pence's family owned a chain of 200 gas stations, I'm not surprised that this unusual word would be part of his lexicon.