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We'll never get justice until some good, decent, honest righteous Americans decide to exact payment with a rope, from the nearest tree...only no one has, yet. Including me; I'm some 1500 miles from the nearest one of these sons of bitches, but I'm not hanging them either - and that makes me wonder, after all the shit/combat I've been through: if I can't be bothered to do it, why should I insist that anyone else closer to them do it for me?

Really, this is the shit I think about: I know I didn't vote these assholes into power, I didn't give them their gibs or money, I'm not anywhere fucking near them, and so, so many other people are and should be taking matters into their own hands, now. But if I, an old guy who's done unspeakable things for his country when he was young and stupid won't step up to the plate, travel half-way across the U.S. of A. and kill these little bitches as they so richly deserve, why should I expect anyone else to do the same???

Can't wrap my head around this shit. Why should some old, broken guy in the mid-West have to do what no one else is willing to do? And yet, why shouldn't some old, broken buy who's settled in the mid-West in his twilight years not set the example.

I fucking live in a clown world. A Stephen King novel. It's too goddamn much for me.

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Because we all tend to look at the big picture, and it's too big? There is some truth in that phrase "think globally, act locally", but that's not happening either.

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Million Man March, BYOR.

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Find corruption in your local area, let people know about it. Show them proof, and convince them to vote said person out and have them prosecuted. If that doesn't work, convince a drug addict with nothing to lose that a rope applied in the night might be the way of things.