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Same DA who decided to drop a sexual abuse charges against (((Harvey Weinstein))). Still see no outlets picking this up. Who'se currently investigating (((New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman))) for his deviant sexual activity of having raped sex workers against their will, used physical violence against them and used words like "i'm gonna rape you like i raped my daughter". It's more then likely this case will be dropped just as well.

Justice for me, but not for thee goyim.

DA office did not issue a press release, court documents reveal they dropped it.

[–] bb22 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Trump won’t let this go unchecked. He’s biding his time. This is probably the same DA office investigating Trump’s organizations.

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My instinct says the only reason they would do this is because these child fuckers are giving names of other child fuckers