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He has a twisted definition of democracy. He's protecting the liberal fantasy narrative, which has nothing to do with democracy. He's a liberal fascist.

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Left wingers have twisted "fascism" to mean "anyone violent and/or power hungry." That's not what the word means, it has a specific definition which doesn't include anything Mark Zuckerberg believes in.

Also, not that he's actually protecting it, but democracy isn't all that great.

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I gave up trying to explain the definition of "fascism" to people a long fucking time ago. Their eyes just glaze over, they get a derpy potato expression on their face, and try to pretend that you're the moron in the conversation.

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And your alternative to democracy is...?

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This is from the fucking Kike who has been caught repeatedly violating the First Amendment Rights of Conservative Americans, and also intentionally manipulating it's user base with propaganda?

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violating the First Amendment Rights of Conservative Americans


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Facebook is a private corporation and they're free to associate with whoever they like. If you disagree you're a communist!

Maybe /s I dunno.

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in principle, sure. however, the average private business participating in interstate commerce doesn't have the right to choose its clientele. title 2 of the civil rights act made sure of this (e.g. Facebook cannot censor "the blacks"). i see this as an argument to extend the civil rights act to political opinions.

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I would say censoring people's speech when they have an alternative point of view is more along the lines of preventing a democracy than of protecting one.

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tfw you have no logical argument against conservative voices so censor . . .

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Not deluded, jew is just lying. Remember, that's how jewbook started, he jewed those twins out of their idea, lying to their faces the whole time, stringing them along while he setup everything for himself. Same deal with his users, "they "trust me," dumb fucks."

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you dont know the half of it

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HA HA HA HA Win for the Username.

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LOL. Not sure whether he believes what he says though... ;-)

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A kike telling lies? I am shocked!

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Protect, control - same thing, right?

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Fuck that guy.

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zuckerberg is a a fucking cunt, godamn cocksucker owes me 20 dollars from a poker game. Fuck his msg app too twitter will always beat this beta soy boy ass

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